Eli Lilly Stock: An Obvious Choice After Mounjaro’s Impressive Achievement?

With the potential success of Mounjaro and a diverse pipeline, Eli Lilly might be an investment worth considering.

Eli Lilly has announced positive results from the Surmount-2 phase 3 study evaluating tirzepatide (marketed as Mounjaro) for its potential use in treating obesity. The news has created a buzz in the weight-loss market, raising the question of whether investors should consider adding Eli Lilly to their portfolios.

Tirzepatide's Potential in Obesity Treatment

The Surmount-2 study results demonstrated that participants receiving a 15 mg dose of tirzepatide experienced an average weight reduction of 15.7% of body weight (34.4 pounds). Those taking the 10 mg dose lost an average of 13.4% of their body weight (29.8 pounds). These results showcase tirzepatide's potential as an obesity treatment, possibly challenging existing competitors such as Ozempic and Wegovy.

Eli Lilly's Diverse Growth Drivers

Mounjaro isn't the only factor contributing to Eli Lilly's growth. The company's other drugs, such as Trulicity, Jardiance, and Verzenio, are experiencing impressive sales growth. Furthermore, Eli Lilly's robust pipeline features promising programs like Alzheimer's disease drug donanemab and atopic dermatitis drug lebrikizumab.

Eli Lilly Stock: A Surefire Investment or Not?

The positive results from the Surmount-2 study and Eli Lilly's diverse growth drivers suggest that the stock may be a worthwhile investment for those looking to capitalize on the potential success of Mounjaro and other pipeline programs. However, investors should approach cautiously, as the company's current valuation may already reflect its growth prospects.

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